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Maika`i Kaki Mochi, 1 Each, $0.00

Maika`i Kaki Mochi: Free with the redemption of 100 Maika`i Points <br><br> Valid 3/1 to 3/28/23 <br><br> Please indicate which flavor you would like in the notes at check out. <li>Maika`i Japanese Curry Baked Kaki Mochi</li> <li>Maika`i Sriracha Baked Kaki Mochi</li> <li>Maika`i Kaki Mochi Original</li> <li>Maika`i Kaki Mochi Wasabi</li> <li>Maika`i Kaki Mochi Nori Maki Original</li> <li>Maika`i Crab Curry Rice Cracker</li> <li>Maika`i Arare Black Soybean</li> <li>Maika`i Wasabi Peas</li>

Maika`i Kaki Mochi, 1 Each
100 Maika`i Points
Maika`i Kaki Mochi, 1 EachOpen product description

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