Redeem Maika`i Rewards
To redeem your Maika`i Rewards:
  1. Add the reward product to your cart. We are only able to process one (1) reward type per transaction. Any multiples of reward items will not be honored. (Note: If you add a Reward item to your cart, it will no longer display on the Rewards page.)
  2. If you are redeeming points for the item of the week, please indicate the flavor or variety you would like in the notes at check out, if applicable.
  3. At checkout, you will see a "Redeem Rewards" section that will display how many Maika`i points you have available and what reward products you added to your cart.
  4. Click on "Redeem" and "Continue" to proceed with your order.

Please click on product photos to view full description of valid dates and applicable product varieties.

Note: If you add reward items to your cart but you do not have enough points to redeem, you will not receive the reward you selected. If you redeem points for free grocery delivery or a grocery discount, the price reduction will be applied when the personal shopper rings up your final total at the store and may not be reflected in your online cart at check out.

200 Maika`i Points and Below

250 Maika`i Points

300 Maika`i Points and Up