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Braised Kabocha, 3 Pound, $19.99

Slow stewed Japanese pumpkin braised in soy dashi broth. <br><br> Serves 6-8

Braised Kabocha, 3 Pound
Braised Kabocha, 3 PoundOpen product description

Fried Brussels Sprouts, 2.5 Pound, $17.99

Paired with butternut squash, pineapple, cranberries and macadamia nuts. <br><br> Serves 6-8

Fried Brussels Sprouts, 2.5 Pound
Fried Brussels Sprouts, 2.5 PoundOpen product description

Grilled Broccolini, 2.5 Each, $19.99

Garlic and herb marinated. <br><br> Serves 6-8

Grilled Broccolini, 2.5 Each
Grilled Broccolini, 2.5 EachOpen product description
$19.99$8.00 each

Sauteed Seasonal Vegetables, 3 Pound, $14.99

Fresh seasonal vegetables sauteed with extra virgin olive oil, fresh garlic and herbs, sea salt and cracked pepper. <br><br> Serves 6-8

Sauteed Seasonal Vegetables, 3 Pound
Sauteed Seasonal Vegetables, 3 PoundOpen product description