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Pineapple Sorbet

"This is my son's favorite dessert! It's super refreshing, easy to make, and perfect for the summer." - Malika Dudley, Foodland Ambassador & Mom of 3 (Instagram: @malikadudley)

Pineapple Sorbet
Tropical Gold Pineapple, Local
Tropical Gold Pineapple, Local , 4 Pound
Member Price
$5.16 avg/ea was $9.16 avg/ea$1.29/lb
Hawaiian Ice Party Ice Cubes
Hawaiian Ice Party Ice Cubes, 7 Pound
Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water
Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water, 1 Gallon
Member Price
$3.29 was $3.99$3.29/gal
Ginger, Local
Ginger, Local , 0.4 Pound
Member Price
$1.60 avg/ea was $1.96 avg/ea$3.99/lb
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