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Local Corn

Local Corn

We love grilled corn - especially when it's local because the fresher the cob, the sweeter the kernels. Simply put on a hot  grill for about a minute per side to give it some color, mix your favorite herbs, spices, and salt into some butter and slather away. Or for a special treat, try this Foodland 5 recipe for Mochi Crusted Elote from Foodland chef de cuisine, Nick Miguel. Yum!

Rack of Lamb

Rack of Lamb

If you love lamb, you're sure to be as excited as we are that our meat buyer has brought in this tender, mildly flavored favorite cut. Impressive but super easy to make, it's best roasted in the oven at high heat and served medium-rare. We like making a simple crust of chopped garlic and rosemary and olive oil and spreading on the lamb before putting it in the over. It's a winner that never fails to impress.

Kona Brewing Lavaman Red Ale

Kona Brewing Lavaman Red Ale

We'll be watching this weekend's Final Four with this awesome amber ale and grilled meat and poke as teammates. Full-bodied and toasty with subtle chocolate malt flavor, it makes all our fave foods - and the rich, yummy sauces that go along with them - taste even better. Game on!

Foodland 5

Foodland 5

Five-ingredient recipes you'll love to make and eat.

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Ewa Sweet Corn, Local (Pack of 4), 1 Each, $7.99

Ewa Sweet Corn, Local (Pack of 4), 1 Each
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Lamb, Lamb Rack Frozen, 1 Pound, $24.99 avg/ea

Lamb, Lamb Rack Frozen, 1 Pound
Lamb, Lamb Rack Frozen, 1 PoundOpen product description
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