Local Ube

Local Ube

The world is obsessed with ube, and so are we. With eye-catching, perfectly Instagrammable color and a sweet but subtle earthy flavor with hints of vanilla and pistachio, this trendy purple yam makes great desserts and other sweet treats. Ours is locally grown, which makes it that much better!

Gingerbread Cookie Kit

Gingerbread Cookie Kit

These made-by-our-chefs kits were a huge hit last year and we couldn't be happier they're back. Now we get to have all the fun of decorating holiday cookies without having to bake...plus the gingerbread is so yummy that Santa will be lucky if he gets any at all.

Maika`i Stroopwafels

Maika`i Stroopwafels

If you haven't yet tried our favorite treats with the funny name, now's the time! Whether we pair them with ice cream, coffee, cocoa - or just about anything elese - these decadent, yet light and oh-so-tasty, buttery, flaky wafers filled with gooey caramel make a perfectly satisfying and delicious holiday treat.

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Gingerbread Cookie Decorating Kit, 12 Ounce, $12.49

Gingerbread Decorating Kit

Gingerbread Cookie Decorating Kit, 12 Ounce
Gingerbread Cookie Decorating Kit, 12 OunceOpen product description

Local Yam Ube, 0.25 Pound, $1.07 avg/ea

Local Yam Ube, 0.25 Pound
Local Yam Ube, 0.25 PoundOpen product description
Final cost based on weight
$1.07 avg/ea$4.29/lb

Maika`i Stroopwafels, 11.11 Ounce, $5.99

Maika`i Stroopwafels, 11.11 Ounce
Maika`i Stroopwafels, 11.11 OunceOpen product description

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