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      300 sheets/roll. 4 in x 4 in per sheet (10.1 cm x 10.1 cm). 400 sq ft (37.16 sq m) total area. caboopaper.com. No inks or dyes. 300 2-ply sheets per roll. Soft and sustainable bamboo! Saves trees. Made with renewable bamboo & sugarcane. 100% biodegradable. Why Choose Caboo Sugarcane and Bamboo Paper Products? They're Renewable: Sugarcane and bamboo are grasses, not hardwoods. They are the fastest growing grasses on earth, and require only soil, sun and natural rainwater to grow. And after harvest they grow back without replanting. Luxurious Softness: Unlike recycled bath tissue, which can be rough or thin, Caboo is luxuriously soft. The bamboo and sugarcane fibres used to make this paper produce a much softer product than recycled paper - and it's strong, too! Conserves Water & Energy: Recycling and processing trees into tissue takes much more water and energy than the minimal processing necessary to turn bamboo and sugarcane into paper. Waste Up-Cycling: The sugarcane bagasse (crushed stalks) we use is a by-product of the sugar manufacturing industry. We are effectively repurposing what would otherwise be considered waste - talk about renewable! 100% Biodegradable: Caboo is 100% biodegradable; its fibres quickly dissolve back into the earth, so it's safe for all disposal systems. Less CO2. More Oxygen: Bamboo produces 35% more oxygen than trees, and absorbs huge amounts of carbon dioxide - the major greenhouse gas linked to the global warming. Large plantations of bamboo can not only help people all over the world become entrepreneurs, employers, and employees, but also can do a lot of good for the air we breathe and the climates we live in. It can help change the future of our worlds. Saves Trees: Humans consume about 27,000 trees daily for toilet paper. About 83 million rolls of toilet paper are produced from trees each day. Large-scale deforestation and over-logging has been the worldwide result. It can take thirty years for a tree to mature, and once they're cut down, they never grow back. But sugarcane can be harvested within a single year of being planted - and only two to four years for bamboo! Switching to Caboo can help save rainforests, water, and wildlife, and can make a real impact on reversing climate change. Caboo is soft, strong, and sustainable. You can feel good about choosing a product that is gentle to your skin and to the environment. Scan the QR code to watch a video showing the environmental advantages of Caboo products and see how they are made. To find out more about Caboo's products, join our online community, or for more information about sugarcane, bamboo, and the environment, please visit our website at CabooPaper.com. Panda Friendly: The variety of bamboo used in Caboo is not a food source for Panda Bears. Caboo has no effect on the habitat of Panda Bears. Registered ISO 14001: Caboo's production facility is ISO environmental standard registered. www.caboopaper.com. Eco-friendly bathroom tissue. Sugarcane and Bamboo Blend Bath Tissue: Made from minimum 90% sugarcane & bamboo; May contain 10% recycled product; Free of inks, dyes, and fragrances; Whitened without chlorine bleach. Made with Renewable Bamboo & Sugarcane: Caboo is an eco-friendly and sustainable, green alternative to conventional papers made of standing trees. Sugarcane and bamboo are the fastest growing grasses on earth, which require only soil, sun & natural rainwater to grow. www.caboopaper.com. Our raw materials, sugarcane and bamboo, are harvested from the renewable forests of Thailand, and Western China. Made in China.