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  • Foodland Farms Ala Moana
  • 1450 Ala Moana Blvd, Honolulu, HI 96814
  • (808) 949-5044
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    12 oz








    4 per pack. Our grill-time sizzler is great in the oven, skillet or on the barbeque! Always vegan. Made with non-GMO ingredients. Dairy-free. Made with plant protein. Deliciously meat-free. 67% less fat than a beef burger (67% less fat per serving than 80% lean, cooked ground beef patties) per serving. Good source or protein. Ready in only 10 mins. Per Serving: 0 mg cholesterol; 120 calories. Veggies, mayo, ketchup and bun not included. Ready in minutes. Gardein brings award-winning taste to every meatless meal, whether it's a dinner, snack or special occasion. Created by our dedicated chefs - the center of your plate is the center of our world. Be inspired. Eat well. Bring the ultimate sizzle to your kitchen or backyard with our classic beefless burger. In a bun or on a plate, add mayo, relish or your favorite toppings. It's just a better burger! Certified vegan. Compare: 67% less fat per serving than 80% lean, cooked ground beef patties. Serving Size (1 Burger - 85 g): Gardein Burger: 5 g fat; 0 mg cholesterol; Ground Beef Burger: 15 g fat; 76 mg cholesterol. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Instagram. YouTube. Get social with us. Recipes at www.gardein.com. Recipes, awards and more at www.gardein.com.