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    • Foodland Farms Ala Moana
    • 1450 Ala Moana Blvd, Honolulu, HI 96814
    • (808) 949-5044
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      3 ltr








      White wine. 3 liters is equal to four 750 ml bottles. Aromas of pear and meyer lemon. Naked is always perfect fit. Thanks for picking up the only 3L box wine that is fully recyclable from bag to box! The Naked Grape has teamed up with TerraCycle to eliminate idea of waste! Once you've finished enjoying this wine, send the package back to TerraCycle to recycle our packaging into cool recycled items. Visit www.terracyle.com to get a free shipping label to send back this packaging, start a collection brigade and earn rewards for your waste. Stays fresh after 4 weeks of opening. Have you ever met someone and knew right away you could be close friends? The kind of person you feel both comfortable with and excited by at the same time? That wonderfully Naked friendship is how we like to describe this go every-where wine - our light bodied Pinot Grigio seems to go with just about anything and make it all just a bit more fun. With aromas of pear & meyer lemon it's got a crisp, fresh, light and tangy style. So let's raise a glass to life, laughter and those who make all occasions a good time. Bare it all. The Naked Grape won 26 gold medals & 130 awards. TerraCycle: Get green, get rewarded. thenakedgrapewine.com. Alc. 12.5% by vol. Packed by Grape Valley Wine Company, Modesto, CA.