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  • Foodland Farms Ala Moana
  • 1450 Ala Moana Blvd, Honolulu, HI 96814
  • (808) 949-5044
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    Vitamin A & D. 1/3 less fat than whole milk. Island fresh. Our farmers pledge not to use artificial growth hormones (No significant difference has been shown in milk from cows treated with the artificial growth hormone rbST and non-rbST treated cows). Island Dairy is home to some of Hawaii's luckiest cows. Overlooking the Hamakua coastline, the lush green pastures and tranquil surroundings create an incredible island location perfect for producing the freshest, most wholesome milk products available in Hawaii. You see, for a cow, there is nothing better than an abundance of high quality food and room to roam. At Island Dairy we make sure they have both. On 2,500 acres of Hawaii's finest farm land we grow and harvest the feed in some of the richest soil on earth. Once we make sure our cows are completely cared for and content, our passion for quality drives us even further. By producing milk that is void of hormones or antibiotics we guarantee that our milk is as good for you as it is delicious. So whether you like your milk whole, reduced-fat or fat free, Hawaii Fresh milk guarantees the utmost in quality from Hawaii's most fortunate cows. Grade A. Pasteurized. Homogenized. Fat reduced from 8 g to 5 g per serving.