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    Vol Rare Hwn Organic Kiawe Hny

    A taste of the magic of Hawaii. This rare, certified organic, gourmet, white honey is gathered from a single unique grove of kiawe trees on the Big Island of Hawaii. This grove produces nectar of exceptional quality. Pure kiawe honey has a pearly white color, a naturally thick, spreadable texture and a unique, delicate tropical flavor unlike any honey you have ever tasted. Obtaining kiawe honey in its natural state - unheated and unfiltered - is a process that must be timed exactly, making this a virtually handpicked honey. Kiawe honey must be harvested after the nectar is ripened by the bees but before it crystallizes in the comb. Once crystallized it is impossible to extract the honey without using heat. We don't use any heat because it can radically alter the honey's color, taste, texture and beneficial enzymes. Thus, there exists only a very short window of time to harvest this delectable honey. And so, the limited number of kiawe trees and the necessity of exact timing make pure, unheated kiawe honey very rare. I know you will agree, the extra patience, work and love of our ohana (family) have produced something very special. Aloha, Richard Spiegel, Beekeeper. Certified organic by International Certification Services, Inc.