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    Nn Chocodream Crispy Crepe

    Enrobed French wafers. All natural. No trans fat. No artificial colors or flavors. No high fructose corn syrup. Depending on storage conditions chocolate may become slightly white over time. This does not change in any way its premium quality or taste. We source the best premium natural ingredients available. Please recycle. Natural Nectar Chocodream Crispy Crepes combine the finest ingredients to perfect the ideal combination of crispy delicate crepe wafer underneath a pure coat of rich Belgian real chocolate. This gourmet was invented in Brittany France and the recipe remains a secret to this day. It's irresistible taste makes it impossible to eat just one! Treat yourself alongside your favorite cup of tea, coffee, or ice cream, as a sweet little finale to any meal, or as a simple way to unwind at anytime of the day! Enjoy! Product of France. Made in France.