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    Fonti di Crodo Sparkling Water Aranciata (Pack of 4)

    Sparkling beverage with real orange pulp and natural flavors. Italian orangeade with real orange pulp with natural flavors. Only from Italian oranges. Sparkling beverage with no added color or preservatives. Crodo Aranciata is made with natural spring water and juice from the finest selection of Italian Oranges. Crodo is a small village, nestled in the Italian Alps. Numerous springs flow in this beautiful landscape, producing the exquisite spring water that originates from its source in Lisiel. During its journey, the water comes into contact with 47 minerals such as rose quartz and gold. The exquisite spring water that results from this process is praised for its natural taste. There are no added colors, preservatives, or artificial sweeteners - only natural ingredient and real juice. Product of Italy.