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    Purina Busy Rawhide Small/Medium Breed Dog Bones, Rollhide - 15 ct. Pouch

    Give your dog a meaty reward that keeps him both occupied and excited when you serve Purina Busy Rollhide With Real Beefhide small/medium adult dog chew treats. He stays enthralled with this savory snack from beginning to end thanks to its uniquely rolled design, especially given its real beefhide exterior and savory middle that deliver long-lasting enjoyment. Ideal for small- to medium-sized dogs, each chewbone features fun and flavor to captivate your faithful companion. Watch his tail wag with prolonged enthusiasm while he works through the challenge of its basted outer layer, which also adds a savory touch he can't resist. Plus, you can take comfort knowing he's getting big, beefy tastes he craves with no artificial colors or flavors added. Encourage your dog's natural instinct to chew every time you offer him one of these Busy Rollhide dog treats, and feel satisfied that he's getting a reward that piques his playful, curious spirit. Show your dog just how much you value his companionship and loyalty when you offer him Purina Busy Rollhide With Real Beefhide small/medium adult dog chew treats. These long-lasting chewbones for small- to medium-sized dogs are filled with not-so-small meaty flavor rolled up in the middle to give your fun and playful pal a big surprise once he discovers it. You can feel good about giving these Busy Rollhide treats to your dog because the exterior extends his enjoyment and chewing helps clean his teeth. This compelling treat serves as a visual cue that it's snack time, making it easy to engage your furry friend. The captivating taste and textures provide a stimulating adventure for him that also nurtures his instinct to chew. Serve these Busy Rollhide dog treats in moderation as a mouthwatering way to treat him, and let your pet know how important his happiness is to you.You want to know that you are feeding your dog treats that are safe for him and that come from a brand you can trust. At Purina, we ensure that quality is the #1 ingredient. Our products go through rigorous quality assurance tests, and we constantly meet or exceed every food quality and safety standard. The result is a dog treat you can feel confident serving to your dog. Some may call it demanding, but we know discerning pet parents call it right. Serve up these Purina Busy Rollhide With Real Beefhide dog treats for rollhide yum and fun all rolled into one, or choose from an assortment of our other equally enthralling chews and treats, each offering a unique way to unleash your dog's adventuresome side. Make the special moments you share together even more rewarding by serving Purina Busy dog treats to your best friend when snack time rolls around every day. Available in 3-count 4 oz., 9-count 12 oz. or 15-count 20 oz. pouch Basted real beefhide exterior creates a tempting taste Made with no artificial colors or flavors Formulated for small- to medium-sized dogs Long-lasting exterior keeps your dog busy, and the chewing helps clean teeth Challenging texture engages your dog Backed by Purina with over 90 years of trusted experience helping push pet nutrition forward