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    Sinaloa Tortillas 10 ea

    Hawaii's tortillas. 0 grams trans fat. Use in place of bread. Sinaloa is Hawaii's only tortilla company baking fresh local flour tortillas. Our Hawaii-made tortillas contain 0 grams trans fat and are made with the finest ingredients. We give thanks to God and the Hawaiian community for their ho'okipa as well as our loyal customers for buying Hawaii first. Mahalo! Front of Bag-Mayan Twin Surfers: The mythical Mayan twins, Hunahpu and Xbalanque, surf the waves of Hawaii in a cultural exchange. They are symbolized by their corn heads and adorn that Sinaloa logo as well. Hunahpu and Xbalanque, according to Mayan legend, were responsible for tricking the ant into bringing the corn seed from the underworld to this world, thus bringing stability and civilization to the indigenous peoples of the Americas. Cholesterol free and 0 grams trans fat. El Es Dios. Visit our website: Baked fresh in Hawaii. Made fresh in Hawaii with love.