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    B&H Roca, Macadamia Nut

    12 pieces. The original buttercrunch with macadamia nuts. Brown & Haley 1912. The Macadamia tree was introduced to Hawaii in 1881 to protect sugar cane crops from strong Pacific trade winds. As orchards developed on the Islands, the Macadamia nut became famous as the most premium of nuts and a signature souvenir of the tropics. We add Macadamia nuts and sea salt to our classic Roca Buttercrunch center and Signature Blend of cocoa beans to create Macadamia Roca Buttercrunch. Each bite delivers the Taste of the Tropics. Enjoy Macadamia Roca Buttercrunch - the special treat that brings island greetings to you and those you care about. No artificial flavoring, colors or preservatives. For questions or comments about this product, please contact us at Please recycle. Product of USA.