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    Nellies Egg Bites, Broccoli + Cheddar

    Per Serving: 90 calories; 7 g protein; 1 g total carbs. Gluten free. Good source of protein! Free range eggs. 2 egg bites per box. Actual size and packed with flavor! Fully cooked. Made with Certified Humane (No artificial ingredients, minimally processed) Nellie's free range eggs. All natural. Fully cooked. Morning just got egg-stra easy. Sous vide egg bites. Sous vide? What the shell? Pronounced soo veed, it's a fancy French term for a specific method of cooking food, in this case our Nellie's Free Range Egg Bites! Our Sous Vide egg bites are cooked slowly, in a vacuum-sealed pouch, to a very precise temperature, in a water bath. This helps our bites retain the most flavor possible, and ensures they're cooked exactly the same way, every time. The result? An egg-cellent, mouthwatering snack that's sure to delight you (and your flock)! Perfect for on-the-go. Want to connect with us? Toll Free: 877.476.6384 or follow us: Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Certified Humane Raised & Handled. Certified B Corporation. Product of the USA.