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    Natures Crush Microwave Popcorn, Aromatic Herb Blend, 3 Pack

    Rosemary basil garlic. Gluten free. Vegan. Made with non-GMO popcorn & ingredients. PFOA free. Popped with all natural crushed herbs & spices. From our kitchen to yours - we are pleased to bring you nature's finest ingredients. Our wholesome selections of farm-picked herbs & spices are gently crushed, then added to each bag of the finest USA-grown popcorn kernels. Our grass roots process allows us to bring these flavorful family recipes from our home to yours. Enjoy nature's gifts! Nature's crush - for the love of all things natural! Aromatic Herb Blend. An earthly, refreshing blend of rosemary, basil and garlic. Who could resist this refreshing trio? Enjoy floral rosemary and summery basil paired perfectly with bold garlic. You're sure to crave more! Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Visit us at: Product of U.S.A.