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    Maika`i Dried Unsweetened Pineapple Slices

    Dried Pineapple Slices, Unsweetened – These dried pineapple slices are the perfect chewy snack, and with no added sugars. Little round slices, easy to eat without the guilt of eating something with added sugar. They’re also great for baking, as a topper for muffins. Our Maika`i dried fruit snacks are the perfect travel snack, light in your carry on, and will remain chewy in our re-sealable pouches. Toss a bag into your backpack or beach bag, for a sweet, fruit treat when hiking or at the beach. Light and easy to carry, no refrigeration required. Mix and match with our assorted Maika’i Nuts to create your own customized trail mix with nothing but your favorites!