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    Just For Men Touch Of Gray Easy Comb-In Haircolor T-35 Medium Brown

    Just For Men® Touch Of Gray® T-35 Medium Brown Easy Comb-In Haircolor. Partial gray coverage. 5 easy minutes. Gets rid of some gray not all for that perfect salt & pepper look. No-mix. Multiple uses. Lasts up to 6 weeks. Online shade selector tool at Reviews & testimonials at The world's #1 men's haircolor. A natural salt & pepper look: For guys who like some gray, but not too much, Touch of Gray subtly reduces gray to give you a natural salt & pepper look. Touch of Gray comes in a variety of shades: Can't decide between two shades Try the lighter shade first. You can always go darker later. Keep a lot... a little... or just a hint. Removes a little gray with each application. Gets rid of some gray, not all: innovative formula uses oxygen to gently blend away some gray, but not all, for that perfect salt & pepper look. No mix, no-mess applicator: easy as combing your hair. 5 minutes, zero mess. Subtle results: reduces the amount of gray with each application. And even with repeated applications it will never get rid of all the gray. To get more gray coverage, you can do a 2nd or 3rd application. Gentle and long lasting: no ammonia and no peroxide. Permanent: it lasts until the gray grows back. Touch of Gray® and Just For Men® are registered trademarks of Combe Incorporated. Questions Call 1-800-431-2610. ©2015 Combe Incorporated. All rights reserved.