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    Feosol Bifera Iron, Complete, HIP & PIC, Caplets

    Iron Supplement. Dual iron formula minimizes side effects. A Dual Iron Solution For Your Sensitive System: Feosol Complete with Bifera contains two forms of iron: heme (as HIP) and non-heme (as PIC). Our unique combination of HIP and PIC is an iron-rich supplement which also minimizes side effects such as constipation and nausea. No Food or Vitamin C Necessary: Take Feosol Complete with Bifera once daily, with or without food. Unlike other iron supplements, no Vitamin C is required for absorption. Feosol Complete with Bifera provides two types of iron in single, small pill. Hip is a natural form of iron derived from bovine source, USDA certified. Choose the Feosol Iron that's right for you. Each form of iron is absorbed differently by the body, depending on the individual, the form of iron and diet. Feosol Complete with Bifera is an iron-rich supplement which minimizes side effects. Feosol Complete with Bifera: Type of Iron: Heme iron polypeptide & polysaccharide iron complex; Benefit: Dual iron formula minimizes side effects. (These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.)