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    Bausch & Lomb Boston Advance Cleaner, Advanced Formula

    For rigid gas permeable contact lenses. New look! Step 1. Removes debris & deposits. Tinted for faster rinsing. No. 1 doctor recommend brand. Sterile. Boston Advance Cleaner heightens wearing comfort by removing lipids and proteins. Leaves your lenses clean, clear and ready for the disinfection step. Our Ingredients/What They Do: Tri-Quaternary, Phospholipid, Silica Gel, Alkyl Ether Sulfate: Effectively removes dirt and stubborn deposits from your lenses for clean, comfortable wear. Titanium Dioxide: Visibly tinted so you can see your cleaner has been thoroughly rinsed off. Because Your Eyes Are so Important: Don't experiment with just any brand. Not all gas permeable contact lenses conditioning solutions are the same. Use only the brand recommended by your doctor. Questions or Comments: 1-800-333-4730 Same effective formula. Made in USA.