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    Hawaii Island Sweet Potato Chips, 4 Oz

    Hawaii's 1st chip company since 1936. Hawaii's 1st chip Company, hand crafting our one of a kind island grown chips since 1936. This family owned company still utilizes the same techniques developed in 1936 to bring to you the best tasting, highest quality, island grown, kettle cooked chips. At the height of the Great Depression Raymond Atebara was intrigued by an advertisement for potato chip making equipment. Never having eaten a potato chip in his life, he went ahead and ordered the equipment. The Atebara Chip Company was born. World War II brought the rationing of potatoes in Hawaii and a possible end to our young company. In the same entrepreneurial spirit that started our company, we went to the local farmers to see if we could find a crop to replace the potatoes. What was found was an abundance of Taro, freshly grown in Hawaii. In 1941 the Atebara Chip Company became the 1st company in Hawaii to introduce the Taro chip. If that was not enough for a young family company to endure, in 1946 our facilities were destroyed by the April Fools Tsunami that devastated Hilo. We moved our operation to our Manono Street address and we have been there ever since. A local favorite throughout Hawaii since 1936, we have expanded our selection of locally grown, one of a kind, handcrafted delectable's to include cookies, candies, chips. The passion for quality, excellence and sustainability prevails to this day and is reflected in our collection and the ways in which we support our community. Please visit our web site at Thank you for selecting Atebara Chips Hawaii Island Gourmet! No cholesterol; no trans fat; no preservatives or additives; kettle cooked; oil removal spinning process; natural; Hawaii's island grown. Made in Hawaii.