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    Lean Cuisine Comfort Steak Portabella, 7.5 Oz

    FLAVORFUL—Feed your phenomenal with our LEAN CUISINE Steak Portabella. It's tender beef steak and portabella mushrooms in a savory brown sauce with a side of broccoli. NUTRITION—Our delicious LEAN CUISINE Steak Portabella has 18g of protein and 5g of fat, with only 160 total calories. INGREDIENTS—Our commitment to crafting great-tasting entrées begins by only using premium ingredients. VARIETY—Our chefs and nutritionists have carefully selected ingredients that purposefully deliver a variety of bold flavors and savory tastes in all of our entrées. CONVENIENT—Pressing start on your microwave means that great-tasting, easy-to-prepare meals are minutes away with Lean Cuisine frozen meals.