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    Swell Ice Cream, Low Fat, Salted Caramel Crunch

    120 calories per serving. High protein. Lower sugar. 60-70% less sugar than full-fat ice cream. 9 g sugar vs 23-30 g in leading full-fat ice cream brands. All ingredients are non-GMO. Certified gluten-free. Gluten & soy free. Good source of fiber. Low glycemic. Low fat. rBST & rBGH free milk. Contains 10 g of protein per serving and 35 g of protein per container. The Next Wave of Ice Cream: Your rich, ice cream. Your body loves protein. We love to make everyone happy. So we make this crazy high protein ice cream with lower sugar, low calories and just a few clean ingredients. Swell tastes so good, you think you're doing something bad. Get over it. - Nathan Carey, Swell Founder. Breakfast. Dessert. Smoothie. Please recycle.