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    OnoPops Maunakea Green Tea

    Genmai Chai. Hawaii seal of quality. Nothing Artificial Ever: OnoPops supports over 30 small farms and dairies in the State of Hawaii. Every drop of dairy in the pop you're holding came from the island of Hawaii, and any butter or cream cheese came from the Naked Cow Dairy on O'ahu. Our old fashioned ice cream recipes do not use stabilizers or preservatives of any kind, just fresh pasteurized milk and cream from happy Hawaiian cows. OnoPops. Believe. The tea leaf bends, supple in the wind, which, on the mountain, is infinite. Genmai Chai, one such supple leaf, followed his Shinto studies to the temple Upcountry. His taste is soothing, subtle, refined, growing in harmony and balance with the land. Learn more at Farm to stick.