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    Pitaya Plus Dragonfruit, Bite Size Fruit Cubes

    All natural. 100% fruit. Fiber. Magnesium. Riboflavin (B2). It's just fruit! Not rocket science. Healthy has a new color. Pitaya/Dragon fruit is a superfruit indigenous to Central America, that is now found all over the world. Considered a prized fruit in many cultures, it's rich magenta colored inside has been eaten for hundreds of years. High in fiber and a good source of magnesium, it's the perfect fruit to start your day, energize before exercising, or refresh after a work out. Superfruit on a mission. PitayaPlus started with a simple mission. We promote sustainable farming, create jobs in the poverty-stricken areas that we source from, and produce the helathiest products possible with minimal processing and no added anything! After all it's just fruit, not rocket science! Eat raw, live raw and enjoy. - Chuck and Ben. Contains 100% fruit. Raw food. Ingredients 100% fruit. high in fiber. Good source of magnesium & riboflavin (b2). Go to and join the mission. Product of Vietnam.