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    Organic Horizon DHA Omega-3 Vitamin D Whole Milk, 1/2 Gal

    Vitamin D added. Ultra-pasteurized. DHA omega-3 helps support a healthy brain. DHA omega-3 from 100% vegetarian algal oil. USDA Organic. Our farms produced this milk without antibiotics, added hormones, pesticides or cloning. Nurturing an organic generation. At Horizon Organic, we believe that organic is a healthier choice for all of us. And lately, that idea is really catching on. More and more, our kids are drinking organic milk produced without antibiotics, added hormones, pesticides or cloning. They're also learning about the positive impact organic food has on the environment. The wholesome nutrition of Horizon Organic milk is a simple way to help kids flourish. It also plants the seeds for an organic legacy - ensuring clean water and fertile soil not only for our children, but for future generations as well. A smart way to nurture your family's health. The great-tasting Horizon Organic milk you trust is now an excellent source of DHA Omega-3 (Contains 32 mg of DHA per serving, which is 20% of the 160 mg daily value of DHA). Recognized by doctors and nutritionists as an important part of a healthy diet, DHA has been shown to help support heart health, and has also been recognized For its role in supporting brain and eye function and development. Our milk is fortified with a natural, 100% vegetarian and sustainable source of DHA - a wholesome, delicious way to bring more of this vital nutrient into your family's diet. Kid-friendly! Kids' brains grow incredibly fast. In fact, the brain nearly quadruples in size in the first five years of life. DHA is a key component of the brain, yet most kids don't get their recommended DHA from common dietary sources like fish (Kris-Etherton P.M., et at am J Clin Nutr. Jan 2000; 71[1 Suppl): 179S-188S). By making Horizon Organic Milk Plus DHA your family choice, you're bringing home all the goodness of organic, plus an extra nutritional boost for growing minds and bodies. Life'sDHA. Certified organic by Quality Assurance International. Made in USA.