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    Societe Cheese Roquefort

    Societe® Cheese Roquefort. From unpasteurised sheep's milk matured in natural caves. Net Wt. 100 g e (3.5 oz). Societe® Roquefort owes its legendary taste to the land where it has been artfully crafted since 1863. Made with rich milk from ewes that graze on the lush plateaus in the Aveyron Region of France, Societe® Roquefort is then ripened for a minimum of 90 days. Including 14 days in natural limestone caves. The result is the world-renowned moist ivory paste laced with emerald veining whose cheese lovers everywhere. 100% Pure sheep's milk cheese. Aged over 90 days - Rich and intense flavor. Questions or Comments: Call 1-877-522-8254. Visit © 2014.