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    Hawaiian Host Macadamia Nuts, Honey Glazed

    All natural. Over 80 years of genuine; classic; original. Since boyhood, Mamoru Takitani had dreamed of being the best candy maker that ever was. That dream has been realized from his first creation, the sensation-causing recipe for chocolate-dipped macadamia nuts, to our latest creation you now hold in your hands. Oh yes, Hawaiian Host has been imitated by many over the years but the unique quality of our products has never been equaled. You are about to experience the world famous flavor that has made Hawaiian Host a legend from the very beginning. This is real Hawaiian Host. It truly is Hawaii's Gift to the World. Be sure to pick up our other delicious snacks - Hawaiian Dry Roasted & Lightly Sea Salted Macadamias; Maui Onion & Garlic Macadamias; Kona Glazed Macadamias. Shop Online!: Nitrogen packed to keep fresh. Made in USA.