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    Kaimana Ahi Tuna Jerky, Peppered

    Wild caught, all natural. Peppered: Don't be afraid! Our Peppered Ahi Tuna Jerky will only leave you wanting more and reaching for the nearest cold drink. Indulge in a perfect blend of black pepper and spices. Enjoy responsibly! Kaimana Jerky: The people of Hawaii have sustained their families and respected the Pacific ocean's powerful life force for centuries. In the Hawaiian language kaimana translates to power of the sea. Kaimana Jerky has embraced the ancient art of drying fish to give our jerky a great taste for the modern lifestyle. Our variety of Ahi Tuna Jerky is delicately prepared, dried to perfection, and seasoned with quality ingredients. Handcrafted with Aloha for 25 years! Twitter. Facebook. Pinterest. Made in Hawaii.