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    Maebo One Ton Cookies

    Hilo Hawaii. Toll free 1-877 (one-tons) 663-8667. From the makers of the world famous Maebo's One-Ton Chips. Mail orders available. In 1950, my great grandparents, Toshito and Koto Maebo started a small family business in Papaikou, a quiet town outside of Hilo. A few years later, using won ton pi and sugar, a unique chip was born. My grandpa, Aketo, called it One-Ton Chips, playing on the word won ton. He created the famous One-Ton Man everyone in Hawaii has loved for over 60 years. As the fourth generation in the family business, we now proudly introduce you to our One-Ton Chip Cookies. We've added crushed One-Ton Chips to a buttery, melt in your mouth cookie, and created the perfect combination! My husband, Chase, and I put our love into these cookies as we hand make and pack each one. We have no doubt that these cookies will be a family favorite for generations just like our chips. - Porsche. Made in Hilo, Hawaii.