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    Godiva Truffles, Caramels Assorted Belgian

    Belgium 1926. Since 1926, Godiva Chocolatier has been making the finest Belgian chocolate. Godiva's legendary heritage of quality craftsmanship, combined with creatively modernized techniques and recipes, guarantees that every piece of Godiva will spark joy. With just one bite, you'll experience Godiva's delicious rich Belgian chocolate, complex and layered and sure to indulge and delight all five of your senses. This delicious Godiva Belgian assortment includes: Milk Chocolate Caramel Embrace (3): Soft vanilla caramel enrobed in milk chocolate; Dark Chocolate Caramel Embrace (3): Smooth dark chocolate caramel enrobed in dark chocolate; Pecan Caramel Duet (3) Crunchy pecans are combined with soft vanilla caramel enrobed in milk chocolate.