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    R. Field Grand Selection

    Served with dried figs, caper berries, Marcona almonds, mustard and lavosh *** Olli Sopressata**: Artisan salame; robust flavor, whole peppercorns and garlic * **Prosciutto di Parma**: Slow-cured Italian ham; a nutty flavor and silky texture * **Three Little Pigs Truffle Mousse Pate**: Chicken liver and pork mousse; creamy, earthy with a hint of Cognac * **PDL Manchego 6 month**: Spanish sheep’s milk cheese; rich and buttery nuttiness with caramel notes * **Cowgirl Creamery Mt Tam**: Soft-ripened, triple crème pasteurized cow’s milk; notes of butter, mushrooms and hay * **Singleton's Red Leicester**: Firm, flaxy texture; dense, sharp and mildly sweet * **Ficcaci Mixed Olive Medley**: Whole Italian mixed olives marinated with olive oil & herbs Selection based on availability