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    Bushs Best Easy Entrees Pinto Beans, Texas Ranchero

    Gluten free. Since 1908, quality beans to your family from ours. Treat your patrons to the authentic, bold flavor of the Southwest with Bushs Best easy entrees texas ranchero pinto beans. Seasoned with mexican oregano, cumin, and onion, these savory beans have a slight hint of spice for a kick in the taste buds. Try Bushs Best Easy Entrees texas ranchero pinto beans as a flavorful addition to a taco salad, served simply on a scoop of rice, or use your favorite ingredients for signature charro beans they wont soon forget! Texas Ranchero Quesadillas: Theyll circle the wagons for this flavorful and filling take on a classic crowd pleaser. Tortillas + shredded pepper jack cheese + beans = easy entrees texas ranchero pinto beans. 1-800-590-3797. When contacting US, Please refer to the code on end of can. For recipe ideas and inspiration, visit Also try our other varieties of Bush's Best Easy Entrees. Please recycle.