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    Bh Roca Mac Nut Box

    Buttercrunch toffee with macadamia nuts. Since 1912. The grand macadamia tree was introduced to Hawaii in 1881 to protect sugar cane crops from strong Pacific trade winds. The exquisite flavor of macadamia nuts was quickly discovered, but the labor needed to harvest and crack its hard shell meant they were only enjoyed by a fortunate few. In the early 1900's, pioneers developed new techniques for cultivating and processing macadamia nuts. As orchards developed on the Islands, the macadamia nut became famous as the most premium of nuts, and a signature souvenir of the tropics. We've created a premium version of this wonderful island memory by roasting macadamia nuts with a pinch of sea salt in our all-natural Roca toffee. We hope you enjoy Macadamia Roca buttercrunch toffee.