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    Waikoko Coconut Kona Mocha

    Learn more about the amazing benefits of coconut water: at drinkwaikoko. 80% coconut water. Legend has it that the Polynesians were guided by the heavens to navigate the vast expanse of open ocean - often voyaging countless miles across the sea - Keeping properly hydrated was essential in order to maintain peak physical & mental performance during these demanding journeys. In fact, for millenia, coconut water has been Mother Nature's sports drink of choice! Now you can have daily access to the hydrating power of the coconut infused with dark chocolate & world famous Kona coffee - This specially crafted and uniquely satisfying coconut water infusion contains everything you need to stay refreshed and hydrated - Aloha! We invite you to enjoy Waikoko and wish you well on your journey, wherever it takes you. Made with aloha. Product of Thailand.