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    Wave Soda, Mango Fruit

    Refreshingly uplifting. 15% fruit juice. 6 grams of sugar. 42 mg of caffeine. No sugar added. No sweeteners added. 25 slightly sweet calories. No preservatives. No artificial flavors. No artificial color added. Juice + soda water + natural caffeine. Simple ingredients. Politely caffeinated. The Good Burn - burn 25 calories by doing five jumping jacks and think of five things you'd change if you ruled the world. While in line do 20 toe raises and the first of 5 refreshing acts of kindness. Doing a full cartwheel as you promise to turn one bad habit around. While climbing stairs for two minutes list five ways to reduce your carbon footprint. Circle the produce section 5 times or until you come up with five compliments to pay your mom/dad. Rubbing your belly while you pat your head then text five friends, thanking them for being in your life. Contains 15% juice. Natural Caffeine: 42mg per can. Like a can of diet soda w/o all the other stuff.