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    Royal Kona Coffee 100% Kona Private Reserve Roast, Whole Bean, 7 Oz

    Coffee for royalty. In 1828, the first coffee trees were planted in the Hawaiian Islands on Manoa Valley on Oahu, from seedlings carried aboard the British Warship HMS Blonde. Coffee trees were soon planted in the Kona District of the Big Island, Hawaii. The unique character of the Kona District, with rich volcanic soil, mild island breezes, cool gentle rains, and afternoon shade, provides the ideal conditions for coffee. Kona coffee's unique, rich flavor and aroma caused it to become the favorite coffee of the Hawaiian royals. Royal Kona is the best of the best. We purchase our coffee cherries direct from the farmers to ensure that only the finest green coffee gets roasted to perfection by our roast master. We then pack our Royal Kona in a freshness valve bag to lock in the quality and flavor. Our goal is to have the best coffee in the world.