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    Illy Coffee Beans, Medium Roast, Illy Blend, Decaf

    100% Arabica. Packaged for freshness. Balanced taste. Pressurized for freshness. Medium Roast: Delivers a medium body and a smooth, perfectly balanced taste. Delight in the beautiful taste of Illy. Our unique blend, composed of the finest 100% Arabica beans from 9 of the best origins in the world, provides a distinctive taste and an exceptional aroma. Available in medium, dark, as well as decaf, Illy Whole Bean coffee is the perfect choice for coffee lovers looking to suit their own individual taste and preparation methods. Packaged for exceptional freshness and aroma. Just like a fine wine maturing in the bottle, our unique pressurized packaging not only preserves the flavor and complexity of the illy blend, it also enhances the coffee's aroma and ensures optimal freshness and the consistent tasty of illy. Better coffee, better world. Illy pioneered the direct trade model to ensure healthy profits for farmers and their families - not just because it's the right thing to do, but also because it results in beans that are of unparalleled quality. 2016 World's most ethical companies. www.ethisphere.com. Certified Quality system. Caffeine content not higher than 0.1%.