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    Lion Coffee Antioxidant Original Roast, Ground, 8 Oz

    100% natural. Enriched with the natural antioxidants from the coffee fruit. One cup of this special Lion Coffee contains more than double your daily USDA recommendation of antioxidants. Lion Coffee has pioneered a method to add back the antioxidants to coffee beans, normally lost in processing coffee from fruit to bean, with the same great Lion Coffee taste. Fancy roasted. A century of wisdom in every roast! Aloha. Drink Lion Coffee. Hawaiian Islands. Paradise found! For speedy shipments from our den to yours. Or, for a free catalog, write or call. US & Canada: Phone: 1-800-338-8353. Fax: 1-800-972-0777. Direct: 1-808-847-5466. Since 1864, America's oldest major coffee company, Lion has reigned as the King of Coffees. Regal standards demand the world's finest arabica beans, careful fancy roasting, and an abundance of cheer! Due to enthusiastic and loyal support of coffee lovers from around the world, Lion's reputation for an incredibly smooth rich taste has spread far and wide. Because of this our cheery red bags are shipped all across the seven seas. Cup o'cheer.