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    Proper Whisky, Irish, Golden Grain

    A smooth blend with mints of vanilla, honey & toasted wood. Triple distilled. Full flavoured barley. Rich and smooth. Eire born no twelve. A blend properly balanced. Smooth is fast. Paying tribute to where it all began me. Dublin 12. Our master distiller and I set out with one goal in mind: to craft a proper Irish whiskey that is true to Ireland. We are honoured to share this with you and proud to donate to first responders for every bottle sold. Enjoy this smooth and balanced whiskey-a fine blend of golden grain and full flavoured malted barley. Triple-distilled and aged a minimum of three years in bourbon barrels. Proper No. Twelve offers hints of vanilla-like sweetness and toasted wood. A proper salute to all. 40% 80 Distilled aged & bottle in Ireland.