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    Cragganmore Scotch Whisky, Single Speyside Malt

    The best of Speyside. Classic malts of Scotland. An elegant. Sophisticated speyside with the most complex aroma of any malt. Astonishingly fragrant with sweetish notes and a smoky maltiness on the finish. Cragganmore, founded by the legendary John Smith in 1869, is for many the definitive Speyside malt. For malt whisky writer Michael Jackson, it has the most complex aroma of any malt - astonishingly fresh and delicate. Back in the 1920s this was voted the finest of all Scottish Malt Distillers by their blenders, being titled A! for blending. On tasting it, it's not hard to see what those blenders saw. Mature and well balanced, with an astonishingly fragrant aroma, the slight fruitiness on the palate is overland with sweet, smoky notes with hints of sandalwood. A long finish packed with hints of smoky sweetness brings this delightful, refined experience - so accessible, yet so rewarding, gently to a close. Complexity married to such refinement is not easily found. This is truly a Classic Malt - still the leading Speyside that John Smith set out to create. Cragganmore is the distinguished Speyside destination on a journey around Scotland's six malt whisky making regions.