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    Hendrick'S Gin

    Hendrick's® Gin. Est. 1886. Small batch-handcrafted. 88 Proof. 750 ml. This handcrafted gin is distilled from a proprietary recipe which includes traditional botanicals such as juniper, coriander and citrus peel. The "unexpected" infusions of cucumber and rose petals result in a most iconoclastic gin. Loved by a tiny handful of people all over the world. A most unusual gin. In our opinion, there are far too many experiences that are so-called "normal." Which is why Hendrick's follows its own peculiar path. Crafted in the tiny seaside village of Girvan, Scotland, Hendrick's resides in a most unlikely place for a gin to exist. A wondrous orchestra of 11 botanicals sets the stage for our piece de resistance; two rather unusual, yet marvelous infusions. An absurdly small batch gin. Typically,"small batch" is just that. Small. For us, small would be crudely large. Instead, Hendrick's is made in minuscule batches by hand. It takes considerably longer, but it tastes considerably more wondrous. Oh my, we must mention the stills themselves. Very unusual indeed. No other gin tastes like it, because no other gin is made like it. The rare carter-head. It bathes the botanicals in the vapors of its anachronistic flavor basket. Lusciously subtle. The copper pot bennett. A meticulous and vigorous still that yields a spirit of rare and robust character. Hendrick's is the divine marriage of these two different spirits from our two different stills. The closely guarded proportions of which are known only by our master stillman. Our duet of strangely captivating infusions. The first is rose petal. (specifically, the essence of the remarkable Bulgarian Rosa damascena). The second is even more sublime and less anticipated. A curious yet marvelous infusion of cucumber. Humdrum limes, be banished. Take a moment and consider the cucumber. It can be said with some scientific certainty that Hendrick's owe its distinctive flavor to the all important cucumber. Thus, little explanation is needed to understand why proper etiquette dictates a cucumber garnish is to served with a Hendrick's cocktail rather than the humdrum lime. Consider your education complete! You've graduated on to garnish graduate school! Now make your way to our wonderful website and marvel at the endless multitude of garnishes that can be made from the glorious cucumber! It is not for everyone. Please enjoy the unusual responsibly. Distilled in Scotland from grain. Visit ©2011.