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    Q Club Soda, Spectacular

    4.5 gas vol. Imagine your favorite drink even better. We treat carbonation as an ingredient. So we invest in a custom glass bottle that enables us to use more of it. Then we carefully carbonate each of our flavors at a different level based on what tastes best. It may not seem like a big deal. But we make the best carbonated mixers in the world. And carbonation is a big deal to us. Himalayan salt. Extra carbonation. Learn more at Spectacular club soda? Yes. 4.5 gas volumes of carbonation - as much as the bottle can hold. And a couple grains of Himalayan salt to make anything Q Club is mixed with even tastier. Enjoy! - Jordan Silbert, Founder. Who says nothing good ever happens when you suspend a bowl of water above a vat of fermenting beer? Not us. And not Joseph Priestly. That's how he invented carbonated water back in 1757.