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    Kona Brewing Co. Beer, Limited Release Lavaman Red Ale

    Brewing liquid aloha since '94. Hawaii was born from the lava of great volcanoes. Our Lavaman Red Ale is a smooth, malty beer inspired by the red rays of Hawaii's sunrises and the red-hot lava from which our beautiful islands were formed. Capture the sun. Inspired by Sunrises, Made for Sunsets: Maui's beaches weren't always so serene. Rising above the white sand and breezy trees, Haleakala is a towering reminder of the great volcanoes that rose out of the sea to form our paradise. Legend says the demi-god Maui climbed its summit to lasso the sun, giving Hawaii its vast skies and bright days, and inspiring Haleakala's name: house of the sun. These days, runners set out into the crisp night air to trek across ancient red rocks and around cinder cones on their way to Haleakala's tallest peak, Red Hill, just in time to capture their own sight of Maui's stunning sunrise. Capture the Sun: Our brewers were inspired by the deep red hue of Maui's volcanic soil and the warm glow cast by a Hawaiian sunrise. Lavaman Red Ale balance strong caramel notes and chocolate maltiness with a delicate blend of Pacific Northwest hops. Drinking this smooth, full-bodied red ale is like sipping the sun's rays straight from a bottle. 5.6% alc. by vol.