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    Yamamotoyama Plain Momi Nori

    Roasted shredded seaweed. For pasta; For rice dishes; For salads; For noodles; For salads for soups snacks, too! Since 1690. Make your family mealtimes more nutritious and delicious by using Roasted Shredded Seaweed (Momi Nori), a sea vegetable packed with vitamins and minerals. Pasta: Roasted shredded seaweed on pasta seasoned with garlic, butter, and a hint of soy sauce makes for a standout meal. Rice Dishes: Nothing brings out the flavor of freshly steamed rice, fried rice, or rice topped with eggs, meat or vegetables like a pinch of roasted shredded seaweed. Noodles: Give a variety of noodle dishes a delicious flavor boost by topping them with roasted shredded seaweed. Soups: A soothing, savory dish made from your favorite broth with roasted shredded seaweed mixed in is a perfect complement to any meal. Salads: Update your salads with roasted shredded seaweed as fresh lively alternative to croutons.