If you’re new to shopping online for groceries with Foodland To You, our step-by-step guide will help.  Follow the steps below and you’ll be on your way!


Create an Account  

You’ll need to create an account here or sign in to your existing account to place your order.  You can do this at any point during your shopping experience, but we recommend doing it before you start shopping.
Select “My Account” from the top right side of your screen, then proceed with creating an account by entering your contact information.  Be sure to add your Maika’i card number or the 10-digit number associated with your Maika’i account so that you receive Maika’i prices and earn Maika’i points for your purchases.
If you already have a Foodland.com or Foodland app account, you will not be able to use the same login information to sign in to your Foodland To You account. These websites are separate and the same login will not work.

Choose the Store

When you start shopping on the website and click on an item, you will see a window appear with options to choose between curbside pickup and home delivery.  Then you will be able to enter a zip code to find the closest curbside pick up location or an address to see delivery options for your location.

If you would like to change the store locations while browsing our products, you can click on the underlined store location in the green bar that says “Order now.” A window will pop up asking if you would like delivery or pick up and will take you to change your location once you choose an option.

To change the store location, you may also roll over “How It Works & FAQ” on the main navigation bar and select “Store Locator.” 

At checkout, you will see an option to change to a different location if you enter an address that is not covered within the delivery area of the selected store.


Start Shopping for Your Groceries
If you know exactly what items you’d like to purchase, the easiest way to shop is by searching for each item.  Look for the search bar at the top of our site and enter the item’s name in the search box. Provide as much information as you have (brand, flavor, size).
If you don’t have a specific list of items you’re looking for or prefer to simply “look around,” you may browse the categories in the “Shop” section.  Simply click on a category or subcategory.  You may also sort each category by popularity, alphabetical order, or price using the dropdown menu next to the search bar.
When you find the item you’re looking for, select “Add to Cart” to quickly add it to your list.  You may also update your desired quantity after adding.  If you’d like to view more details about an item, click on the item’s photo or name.
Your shopping list is the same as your shopping cart, so selecting “Add to List” is the same as adding an item to your shopping cart. 
Looking for meal inspiration?  Check out our most popular Foodland recipes and easily shop for ingredients by selecting “Recipes” from our main site navigation.  Select the yellow “Add Ingredients to Cart” button to add all ingredients to your cart or add ingredients individually by selecting “Add to Cart” next to the items you want to purchase.


Complete Your Order
Once you’ve added all of your items to your cart, select the yellow shopping cart icon to review your order.  You will see a list of all items in your cart and an estimated total.  You may update quantities or substitution preferences before proceeding to checkout.
Select checkout to continue.  You will see information about your pickup location on the left side of the screen (or the top of the screen if shopping from a mobile device).  If you would like delivery (instead of curbside pickup), be sure to select the “Switch to Delivery” button under the left side navigation.
Enter your name and contact information, then select a day and time for pickup or delivery. Select “Begin Checkout” to review all items in your cart.  Enter payment information, redeem any digital My Rewards and complete your order.
You will receive a confirmation email once your order is placed, confirming your pickup or delivery day/time and all the items you’ve ordered. If you do not receive an email confirmation within 5 minutes, please check your SPAM folder or other alternate email folders.
Favorites and Reordering
You will be able to find your favorite items more easily on your next shopping trip if you save them as “Favorites” while you shop.  You will need to be logged in to your account to do this. Simply select the star next to an item to save it as a favorite.
Placing future orders is also simplified when you use our “Reorder” feature.  Select the reorder button (it appears next to the search box) to view the items you’ve ordered in the past. Then add them to a new shopping list.
Questions?  View our FAQ page for answers to common questions about online ordering, pickup and delivery.